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Do you need crime and trauma scene cleanup?

We’re here to clean up the mess so you can focus on what’s important. Contact us now!

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How do we clean up a Crime and Trauma Scene?

Firstly, We assess
the area

To determine what needs to be done, taking into consideration any health risks or hazards associated with compromised crime scenes.

We securely contain hazardous materials

in order to remove them safely from the scene without posing any risks or further contamination.

We dispose of all hazardous materials

According to safety guidelines and regulations to regain a safe environment.

You can rest assured that our team of

crime and trauma clean up professionals, Bring in modern equipment and supplies to properly restore the crime scene to its pre-incident condition.

What our customer say about our restoration service?

Google Review
Angel was amazing! I called on a Sunday morning, our washing machine leaked upstairs and we noticed that our carpet in an adjacent closet was soaked. Angel answered the call and drove from a job in Niagara (gave us a highly accurate ETA) and arrived on time...
Google Review
After watering leaking through our ceiling, Angel can out to assess the situation. He is very professional and was able to come out within an hour of my call to him. He brought the tools to inspect for water and moisture and was able to identify the problem and give me recommendations for how to fix it...
Google Review
Had mold infestation due to a broken pipe leak. Angel, is one of the most professional, compassionate individuals that I’ve ever worked with. He was on time, got the job done and at a more reasonable price. After getting at least 4 quotes, he is by far the best.
Google Review
Angel and his crew are fantastic people. He was honest and so helpful. I had a problem with Reliance who are opposite to Angel. Not helpful in any way. I would highly recommend Alesca for any water and mold damages
Google Review
This company was fantastic! We contacted them and they responded immediately. The entire problem was assessed, remediated, and repaired in less then 48 hours.
Google Review
When we had a leak at our condo, I called Alesca out to assess the damage and give us a quote. Angel & Noel were on time, friendly, considerate, professional, and informative.

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