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Fire and Smoke Damage

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If your home has been damaged by fire, it is essential to have professional smoke and fire damage restoration services as soon as possible.

Alesca Restoration has extensive experience in residential smoke and fire damage restoration, and our team of professionals can quickly and efficiently restore your home to its pre-damage condition.

We understand the importance of acting quickly after a fire, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your home is restored to its original condition. Contact us today to learn more about our smoke and fire damage restoration services.

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Question you may have about our fire and smoke service

A residential fire can be traumatic, and the first priority is always to ensure that everyone in the home is safe. Once the immediate danger has passed, it’s essential to consider the next steps. If an electrical issue caused the fire, it’s necessary to have a professional assess the damage before turning the power back on. And if the fire was caused by oil or grease, water should never be used to extinguish it. Water will cause the grease to splatter and can spread the fire. Instead, sand or dirt should be used to smother the flames.

If you find yourself in the aftermath of a residential fire, you must contact a professional company like Alesca Restoration. We have years of experience dealing with smoke and fire damage, and we can help you get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been the victim of residential smoke and fire damage, it’s important to wait for the professionals to arrive before beginning any cleaning or restoration process.

The technicians at Alesca Restoration have the proper equipment, products, and resources to safely restore your building materials and items. Attempting to clean or restore damaged items on your own can result in further damage, and may even put your health at risk. Our technicians are also trained to handle delicate items with care, and can take steps to prevent further damage from occurring. So if you’ve been the victim of residential smoke or fire damage, trust the experts at Alesca Restoration to return your home or business to its pre-loss condition.

No. We ask that you please leave the HVAC unit off until it has been inspected by one of our technicians. Without even knowing, fire damage may have affected the unit and turning it on can lead to spreading soot particles throughout the property. Please wait until we have inspected and approved the unit for use.

When your home or business suffers from residential smoke and fire damage, it is important to call in the professionals as soon as possible. Alesca Restoration has years of experience dealing with all types of fire and smoke damage, and we will work quickly to get your property back to its pre-loss condition. In most cases, the contents will be restored on-site, but sometimes the property has suffered extensive damage which makes this impossible. If the structure is not stable or does not allow for ideal conditions, we will have your items inventoried, packed, and delivered to our climate-controlled facility for proper restoration. No matter what the extent of the damage, Alesca Restoration will work diligently to restore your property to its former glory.

Each year, residential fires cause millions of dollars in damage, displace families, and claimed countless lives. While the causes of fires vary, there are some common factors that contribute to their spread.

Dried leaves, faulty electrical wiring or equipment, unattended stoves and ovens, unattended candles, children playing with fire, flammable liquids, and careless smoking are all leading causes of residential fires. In the event of a fire, it is important to evacuate the premises immediately and call for professional help.

Alesca Restoration is a leading provider of residential smoke and fire damage restoration services. Our team of professionals has the experience and expertise to quickly and effectively restore your home to its pre-fire condition.

When a fire damages your home, it’s important to hire professionals to handle the cleanup. Residential smoke and fire damage can be highly dangerous, and Alesca Restoration has the training and experience to safely clean up the affected areas.

We use the latest equipment and techniques to remove all traces of smoke and fire damage, ensuring your home is safe and clean. We also work with your insurance company to make sure the claims process is as smooth as possible. Don’t try to cleanup residential smoke and fire damage yourself – call Alesca Restoration for all your residential restoration needs.

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